Enrollment Forms


Country Child Care

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Labeled Enrollment Forms

Each child is to have one of each of these forms below.

Failure to fully complete the form may result in a delay in enrollment until fully completed.

Required Enrollment Forms __________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Enrollment Packet 2 JULY 2017This is a required document (several pages) that you will complete with our policies and critical information regarding your child and your child’s needs. It also includes an enrollment contract. Due before the first day of attendance.

 ENROLLMENT PACKET updated 7.17– This is a required document (several pages) that you and your doctor will complete. If your child has any food allergies, diet restrictions, or texture of food modifications your doctor must complete this form.  We require a physical less than six months old as well as current shot records. If you are immunization exempt there is also paperwork for that family choice.

Required Meal Form 2017-2018– We participate in the C.A.C.F.P. food Program. ENROLLMENT Every child must be enrolled in the CACFP to claim meals.  Parts 1 and 4 must be completed by the parent in order for meals to be claimed in CACFP.  Name, date of birth, arrival and departure times, days of care, meals served and parent signature.  If the parent leaves any of these fields blank, the enrollment is not complete and meals cannot be claimed.  Doublecheck the form when the parent returns it and have the parent complete any missing items as soon as possible.  Incomplete forms will result in lost reimbursement income.  If the parent does not complete the ethnicity/race columns, center staff can enter information based on visual observation and initial the update.

Handbook ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

GUARDIAN AND PARENT HANDBOOK 7.17– This is a document that you will keep for your family regarding our policies and practices.