Rates & Ratios

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Ratios and Rates


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Adult / Child Ratios
Correct adult/child ratio must be maintained at all times by all staff. Ratios must be maintained while in the classroom, on the playground, and on all field trips.

Infant Room:

6 children (2 weeks through one and walking) to 2 teachers

1 year and walking to 2 1/2 years (Pony Room):

10 children to 2 teachers

2 1/2 years to 3 years (Lily Pad):

13 children to 2 teachers

3 years to 6 years (Castle, Bug):

12 children to 1 teacher

3 years to 6 years (Jungle):

16 children to 2 teachers

6 years through 11 years (they may stay enrolled until their 12th birthday):

32 children to 2 teachers



Teacher Qualifications and Background Checks

  • All staff members have a K.B.I. screening which includes criminal background checks at the time of hire as well as every six months. Criminal history and child abuse background checks are conducted on all persons who work or volunteer in our facility. Persons with convictions of crimes against persons, felony drug convictions, certain juvenile adjudications, and SRS validations of child abuse or neglect are prohibited from living working or volunteering in child care facilities and homes.
  • All staff members are required to have current C.P.R. & First Aid Training.
  • All staff members are to have at least ten in-service hours pertaining to early childhood development each year.
  • The center is an equal opportunity employer and provider. Applications for employment and enrollment are considered without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap, or other basis prohibited by law.


Enrollment Fee

At the time of enrollment you will be asked to pay either an enrollment fee of $50 or $65 dollars depending on the number of children you enroll. You will be asked to pay this amount again each September 1st in the form of a re-registration fee. If you enrolled your child after February 1st you will not be asked to pay an re-registration fee until the next September 1st.

This enrollment deposit is non-refundable if:

. You cancel your enrollment at the center.

The center will refund your enrollment if:

. Your child’s spot is unable to be occupied and you wish to arrange for care in another center

 Nap Time

Rest period during the day are required for the children depending on their age. The center provides mats and the laundry service for the mat coverings.

 We request that you bring your own child’s pillow, blanket, and favorite stuffed cuddly toy if needed. We also request the pillow and blanket be taken home weekly to be washed due to bacteria control.

Preschool Children (3 years – 5 years) Nap Policy:

If you would not like your child to take a nap, they are still required to sit quietly on their nap mats. The teacher will provide them with quite individual activities to keep their interest level.

If you will schedule your pick-up time during nap time, please let the teachers in your child’s room know that your pick-up time will be at nap time. If you would like your child to nap, please specify how long you would like them to nap for, if not, tell them not to nap. The teacher will provide them with quite individual activities to keep their interest level while they await your pick-up.

If you would like your child to take a nap, just not the full length of nap time, please let the teacher know how long you would like your child to nap for and they will wake your child at  your specified time each day. When your child wakes up the teacher will provide them with quiet individual activities to keep their interest level.

Kindergarten and After School children will not take naps unless you specifically ask for them to do so during their day.

 “At our center we believe the first years of a child’s life are meant to be gratifying and filled with feelings of accomplishment. The directors and staff thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family, and also welcome you into the family of our own. We look forward to many years of working together to create a very special person: your child”

Pick-Up Authorization

To ensure the children’s safety, the center keeps a file of names of those authorized to pick up each child. Children will be released only to the parent or authorized guardian. Any parent/guardian unable to pick up their child must inform us before the other party arrives that day to pick up the child. This person’s ID will be checked before they are allowed to take the child from the center.

In the case of divorced parents, we ask you to indicate on the enrollment form that has legal custody of the child. In the case of sole custody, we require a copy of the divorce decree.

These documents are in your child’s file and kept confidential.

Please notify office, in writing, of any changes to your child’s file. Children will not be released without proper authorization. When you pick-up your child please clock your child out and make sure the teacher knows your child is leaving.